Welcome Guide for New Residents

The Hyattsville CDC's Welcome Guide is available

  1. On Issuu.com to read online
  2. Open by PDF PDF in English and Spanish
  3. By request, including co-branding for area residences (read below!)

Tip! There's an online webpage counterpart for each commercial area, including an interactive summary and directory for each!


  • Regional Attractions
    • Shopping, and Dining
  • Public Transit
    • Routes, Busstops, and Directions
  • Hyattsville History
  • Events + Services
    • Discussion Groups and Social Media
    • Annual Events
  • Profiles of Commercial Areas (open web link)
  • Residential and Business Services
    • Home Care and Business Resources
  • Schools and Parks (open web link to directory)
    • Aftercare, Daycare, Public Parks, Playgrounds, and Trails
  • Municipal, County, and Recreation Contacts

Co-Branding, Advertising + Sponsorship?

Are you a manager or member of a homeowner's association, apartment or condominium complex, or community group? If so, please contact us to create a customized guide for your needs, available for digital download and for your home/office printer.