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Colin McGlynn, photo courtesy M.V. Jantzen
photo courtesy M.V. Jantzen



Colin McGlynn is in his third year with the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation.  His work with the CDC ranges from researching and developing economic and development policy to graphic design and community outreach.


Colin is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a dual degree in Economics and Government and Politics.  Colin believes that his studies have helped him understand how governments, consumers and businesses interact in the economy.  In some cases it results in an efficient and relatively equitable community and in other cases it does not. The role of non-profits is not to supersede or supplant any of these parties, but rather to fill those niches where the economy is not working at its best and find solutions that benefit everyone. 


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We are dedicated to the revitalization and sustainable development of the Hyattsville community. Founded in the fall of 2000 by community activists, our mission is to develop arts, entertainment, and public spaces; spur economic development and the quality of community life; encourage widespread leadership for community revitalization; and to rebuild the City's commercial corridors. We are both excited and confident in Hyattsville's continuing revitalization. Learn more about our Ongoing Initiatives.

Feel free to contact us to share how together we can help shape the Hyattsville community.

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