Traffic Box Art Wraps

Program Description

Since 2016, the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation has facilitated a program designed to transform select traffic signal cabinets in Prince George’s County into public artworks. Traffic signal cabinets – the stainless steel structures located at every signalized intersection – are vulnerable to graffiti and vandalism. This project utilizes a public art application to address community blight and enhance the visual landscape.

Artist designs are printed on 3-m patented vinyl that can be easily maintained, is removable, and has been demonstrated as safe technology to use on signal and utility cabinets. The boxes wrapped with artist designs have anti-graffiti coating and a 5 year warranty against normal exposure to the elements.

In 2016, designs were wrapped around 11 traffic box cabinets in Prince George’s County, focusing on boxes located in the county’s T.N.I. (Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative) communities. The 2016 project was made possible through funding from the Prince George’s County Executive Community Partnership Grant and the Prince George's Arts and Humanities Council and the support of Prince George’s Department of Public Works & Transportation.

For 2018, 15 traffic box cabinets were wrapped within the City of Hyattsville. This is made possible through funding from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development’s Community Legacy Program, and Maryland State Arts Council, with the support of the Maryland State Highway Administration.

In 2019, the Hyattsville CDC expanded the Traffic Box Art Wrap program again to the Town of Riverdale Park and wrapped 5 traffic box cabinets in the Town.

Another 4 traffic boxes were wrapped around the Town of Riverdale Park in Summer 2020. Additionally, the Hyattsville CDC partnered with CASA to wrap 16 traffic and utility boxes in the Langley Park community. The art wrap designs aesthetically examine and capture the history and culture of Langley Park and reflect upon the changing nature of the community. Click HERE to read more about this project. To round out our 2020 traffic box wrap season, the Hyattsville CDC gained a new partner in the Town of Edmonston and wrapped 7 traffic and utility boxes around the Town in the Fall.

The CDC invites area municipalities, agencies and businesses’ partnership on future iterations of the project throughout the County. Please contact us for more information, and see project updates below.

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