The Charles Bergen-led team of Bergen, Bailey and Cherkasky have been selected via open competition to create this Sculptural Wayfinding Signage Project for the Rhode Island Trolley Trail. The signage uses the same medallions at the Trolley Trail Roundhouse. Using the same medallions as those situated on the Trail Roundhouse, we placed the medallions at eye level and created a wide, sturdy base for them to make the art piece accessible and better connect it to its context.  Arranged and spaced with the rhythm of railroad ties, slightly smaller horizontal tubes extend “through” and past the angled vertical tubes a little over an inch on each side. The cross tubes laterally brace the signage kiosk and divide the kiosk vertically into three parts.  Thus, when viewed from the “Front” and the “Rear” the tube pattern evokes the rhythm and pattern of the trolley tracks that once ran along the Trolley Trail. The three-part vertical division of the kiosk references to the three adjacent communities—College Park, Hyattsville and Riverdale Park—that the completed trail will serve and where one kiosk will be placed. (read more)

A Brief Q&A with Charles Bergen

What was your inspiration for the Trolley Trail kiosk? The plan of the old trolley house and the tracks themselves
How did you come up with your design? Through a series of the design studies and by listening to the HCDC as to what they liked in the various design ideas submitted.
What's your favorite spot along the Trolley Trail? The trail underneath the bridge in the Franklin's Parking lot. I love the historic murals, the grassy areas and of course going to Franklins!

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