Cision expires in 20 days! Log on to take full advantage of this complimentary service.

There’s just 20 more days of access to the Cision database, as part of the Gateway Arts District Press Outreach Toolkit and this year’s Cision Tool. Our current subscription is thanks to a State Arts Council grant, and concludes on April 25th.

1) Please fill out our survey if you haven’t already. – How valuable has Cision been to you?

2) Let us know when you’d like to log-in on-your-own and we’ll place you onto the calendar! We have access until April 25th. You can log-in from home anytime and use the walkthrough guide as a companion. Just let us know when: 301-683-8267 or email

We will make available the sample lists after the 25th.

3) The Hyattsville CDC is planning a Coffee Crawl, a small business + entrepreneur happy hour, on Friday, April 27th, 2018 at 6pm. You’re invited. Please consider joining us!

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