Welcome Guide for New Residents

The Hyattsville CDC's Welcome Guide is available:

  1. On Issuu.com to read online
  2. Open by PDF PDF
  3. By request, including co-branding for area residences (read below!)

Tip! There's an online webpage counterpart for each commercial area, including an interactive summary and directory for each!


  • Regional Attractions
    • Shopping, and Dining
  • Public Transit
    • Routes, Busstops, and Directions
  • Hyattsville History
  • Events + Services
    • Discussion Groups and Social Media
    • Annual Events
  • Profiles of Commercial Areas (open web link)
  • Residential and Business Services
    • Home Care and Business Resources
  • Schools and Parks (open web link to directory)
    • Aftercare, Daycare, Public Parks, Playgrounds, and Trails
  • Municipal, County, and Recreation Contacts

Co-Branding, Advertising + Sponsorship?

Are you a manager or member of a homeowner's association, apartment or condominium complex, or community group? If so, please contact us to create a customized guide for your needs, available for digital download and for your home/office printer.