West Hyattsville Tenant Safety Guide

Why a Tenant Guide to Safety?

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While crime exists in most communities in some form, multifamily complexes are particularly vulnerable.  In Prince George’s County, statistics confirm that crime is more likely to occur in multifamily apartment complexes than in neighborhoods of single-family homes.  This information is not meant to alarm you, but rather to encourage you to stay informed, be aware of your environment, and be active in preventing crime in your neighborhood.  While the City, County, police, and apartment management have a role to play in ensuring your safety, resident involvement is an important part of any effective community crime prevention program.  A safe community requires that everyone be aware, informed, and responsive to address crime issues through prevention and appropriate community responses.

This Guide was produced with West Hyattsville residents in mind.  These are practical actions and resources that can be used to help residents fight crime and promote a safe community.  This Guide was developed as a result of three months of research in the area around the West Hyattsville Metro Station for the residents of Kirkwood Apartments.  However, the actions and resources are not specific to Kirkwood and may be used by residents of other multifamily complexes in the City or County.  In any community, informed and involved residents help keep neighborhoods safe.