2011-2015 Community Sustainability Plan

The 2011-2015 Community Sustainability Plan was developed upon a foundation of information gathered through an inclusive public and stakeholder involvement process. It was also based on thorough review of available data and an extensive list of documents and studies developed since the conclusion of the previous Legacy Plan.

The vision developed by Hyattsville’s residents has two components: principles that reflect what the participants wanted and a focus on four specific physical areas of the community that became the organizing elements of the Sustainability Plan.

The Plan connects success of the City’s past, ongoing planning efforts, and an updated vision established for the City with implementation strategies.
View the 2011-2015 Community Sustainability Plan (open each as PDF in new window):

Executive Summary
Neighborhoods (Part 1)
Neighborhoods (Part 2)
PG Plaza Transit (Part 1)
PG Plaza Transit (Part 2)
West Hyattsville
US Route 1 Corridor
Strategic Plan

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