August 23, 2
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Ernest Maier Awards Bladensburg Mural Commission

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Bladensburg, MDErnest Maier and the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (HCDC) are pleased to announce the selection of artist Cindy Fletcher-Holden and her design concept for the Ernest Maier Bladensburg mural located at 4602 Annapolis Road Bladensburg, Maryland 20710. The project is the first in a planned series of creative place-making enhancements to beautify Ernest Maier properties through the strategic use of public art.

Cindy is an experienced muralist dedicated to fulfilling each mural project from its earliest conceptualization to its eye-riveting completion. The Ernest Maier mural commission resonates for Cindy as her grandparents and aunt lived nearby in Riverdale Park, Maryland. Since Cindy’s family lived close, she spent a good deal of time in the neighborhoods just down the road and has seen the growth in our communities over time. “I am honored to do this mural for Ernest Maier and its wonderful, welcoming staff. They motivate me to make it my best work yet. Given the strong elements of Bladensburg’s history I think it’s going to be kickass,” said Cindy. “I take pride in my work and want it to be artistically intelligent by having a variety of vibrant colors, a strong composition, and a dynamic perspective on its subject.”

For over 80 years, Ernest Maier has been a fixture in the Bladensburg community. Brendan Quinn, CEO of Ernest Maier attributes the initial success of the company – Ernest Maier, Inc., to continued hard work, honesty, willingness to make sacrifices, and dedication to the betterment of its employees and community. The history and growth of the company are due to the innovative expansion of business from manufacturing cinder blocks to now producing and distributing a broad range of concrete blocks and products throughout the Washington DC metropolitan area.

At the time Ernest Maier, Inc. was growing and expanding business, the town of Bladensburg was also experiencing its own historic progression. The town takes much pride in its history as a port town and critical point of entry to Washington, DC; during the War of 1812 British regulars overpowered American troops here on their march to the White House. Direct action from national and local officials has enabled the Town to maintain its heritage and preserve its legacy. Today Bladensburg is considered a dynamic municipality that celebrates its welcoming diversity and the challenges it has weathered. “I am very excited to be part of this project that celebrates Bladensburg’s rich regional legacy,” said Stuart Eisenberg, Executive Director of Hyattsville CDC. “Cindy is a great artist, I know people will be happy with her work because she has a gift for translating the everyday into the iconic and can play to both the history and important symbols that represent a community.”

To continue to add to the rich history of the company’s home, Ernest Maier and Hyattsville CDC are working together to celebrate the company’s history with the Town of Bladensburg. “I am really happy to be part of the beautifying process of route 450 and proud of the place we have occupied over time in the Bladensburg community.” Said Brendan Quinn, President, and CEO of Ernest Maier.

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