Handmade for eachother: Tanglewood Works and the Arts District

By Heather Wright (View FULL STORY online on Hyattsville Life & Times)

Older-Mondeel said that one of the most exciting things about deciding to move her whole operation to Hyattsville is that now Tanglewood Works can develop an in-depth and consolidated calendar of events and classes that brings people together to craft, upcycle, and socialize. Older-Mondeel described events geared towards both “the DYI-ers [do-it-yourself-ers] who want to wear their overalls and learn a skill” and those who “want to dabble and play and have a social gathering.” The DIY-ers, for example, might be interested in furniture-painting classes, involving chalk- and clay-based paints. Dabblers might be more interested in “sip-and-dips or dip-and-sips,” where they can drink, eat and complete a smaller-scale project.

Older-Mondeel said she hoped to further support the local arts community by collaborating with other art-related businesses and groups in the area. She described hosting various meetups of artists and crafters, such as the Upcycle Junkie meetups, which took place at Tanglewood’s Edmonston shop. She also mentioned the likelihood of hosting collaborative events.

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