Handmade in Hyattsville + Route One Revamp

A big kudos to the volunteer group of business owners, SoHy Collective, who, since summer began, have led various outdoor decor-design efforts across downtown Hyattsville. By inspiring local business owners to get involved, these leaders seek to shape a stronger community, beautify shared spaces, boost tourism and attract customers. Some art projects you’ve likely seen are the festive holiday decorations at Centennial Park, repainting the Hyattsville H’s, creating murals, repainting doorways, and organizing networking events at galleries and shops. Some notable press and activities are as follows:

Life & Times: New Business Group Works to ‘Fight the Blight’, draw businesses to downtown

Life & Times: Handmade for each other: Tanglewood Works and the Arts District

Hyattsville Life & Times: Green Owl, developer team up to add color, ‘create a sense of
place’ on Route 1

Hyattsville Wire: How Hyattsville’s Arts District Became Artsier

Hyattsville Wire: Hyattsville SoHy District Lights Up the Holidays

Life & Times: Hyattsville Ambassadors Program recognizes Ann Barrett and Erica Riggio

Shout-out to business leaders: Tanglewood Works, Three Little Birds Sewing Co., Vigilante Coffee, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Franklin’s, Green Owl Design, Artist & Craftsman Supply, and Studio SoHy. Learn more here.

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