Press: Art In Hyattsville

(View FULL STORY online on The Hyattsville City Reporter)

Mural Project: In the coming weeks also look for the installation of the Centennial Park Mural Project on the side of the Hyattsville Vacuum Cleaner Service Building. The mural will feature local artist Jerome Johnson’s vision of the City’s historical identity within the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area. This grant-funded mural is brought to us thanks to the work of the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (HyCDC). Sculpture – The Hyattsville Horn Section: To cap off this exciting news, Prince George’s County is also sponsoring the construction of a multi-media sculpture entitled “The Hyattsville Horn Section” through its Arts in Public Spaces program. This work of art is to be installed in the front of the County Services Building at the corner of Baltimore Avenue and Farragut Street. Look for its arrival in the spring of 2004.

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