Hyattsville CDC is Hiring- Open position for Program Manager

Program Manager, Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (HCDC)

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Description of Organization

The Hyattsville Community Development Corporation, incorporated in 2000, is an established and rising 501(c)(3), charitable organization whose mission is to promote economic development and the quality of life in Hyattsville and the surrounding northern Prince George’s County Inner-Beltway region; to develop arts and public spaces; to revitalize residential and commercial areas in the community, and to encourage leadership for revitalization activity. Hyattsville is a multi-ethnic community with diverse personalities, cultures and economic backgrounds: the ability to work in this milieu is critical. The CDC work pace can alternate between extremes of hectic and contemplative, and a flexible attitude and sense of humor rules the culture. The CDC Board of Directors values results and quality work. The organizational chart is consciously kept relatively flat, and all team members are invited and encouraged to contribute to all aspects of the workload. Hyattsville CDC seeks employees who can steer work towards completion under light management oversight.

Position Summary

The Program Manager is a full-time staff position for the Hyattsville CDC and reports to the Executive Director. The Program Manager is responsible for implementing the Hyattsville CDC project portfolio, records management, grant compliance, and for conducting corporate communication with the organization’s contract holders and grantors. This is a professional level position with room for growth as the organization and the employee grows. For the exceptional candidate, the position enables some independent pursuit of projects of interest.

Specific Areas of Responsibility (in descending order of emphasis)

Project and Program Management
• For construction management and rehabilitation projects: assist to carry out project management activities such as developing scopes of work, conducting RFPs and other procurements, supervising and coordinating design and construction teams, and providing on-site communication, guidance and oversight.

• For grant-funded programs: oversee their execution, management and documentation to the Executive Director, external funders and partners.

• For physical development activities: assist in the implementation of development projects that bring funding to the CDC and build its reputation.

• For overall operations: maintain mission-related programs and databases that meet the needs of Hyattsville’s diverse constituents.

Organizational Management
• Coordinate with the Executive Director to support his/her financial management for the corporation; assist in the preparation of annual operating budgets and financial reports for the Board of Directors, other funders and stakeholders.

• Coordinate with the Executive Director to support the development of funding and the writing of grant proposals and RFP’s.

• Supervise and motivate contractors and interns. Create a positive work environment that encourages teamwork, effectiveness and productivity for the CDC’s staff, and its partners.
• Support the Executive Director and his/her functions as requested and required.

• Research opportunities and support staff efforts for professional development.

Public Relations
• Represent the corporation in various meetings and processes, as assigned.

• Assist the Executive Director with media releases, articles, reports to donors, the annual progress report to the community and newsletters as directed.

• Oversee in reviewing and updating website content and layout.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to demonstrate competence and
experience in the position’s specific areas of responsibility and possess:

Skills and Abilities:
• Ability to lead a strong-performing team
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Mastery of Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and other database software
• Sound judgment in the face of changing conditions
• Background in any of the following fields (not in order of preference):
Construction Management, Project Management, Community Development, or Urban
• Demonstrated ability to multi-task, implement complicated instructions,
research and report on unfamiliar subjects, and work independently

Desirable Qualities:
• Strong identification with and commitment to the organizational mission
• Entrepreneurial and independent-thinking
• Spanish language ability or fluency
• Organized, goal and detail-oriented
• Ability to travel locally to meet job requirements, including a valid driver’s
license and associated insurance
Reasonable accommodations will be made to enable individuals with disabilities
to perform essential functions.

Salary Range 

$550,000-$60,000 annum commensurate with experience

Target Start Date: October 11, 2021- Nov 1, 2021

The Hyattsville Community Development Corporation, as an equal opportunity employer,
welcomes minority applicants and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, nationality, belief, creed or sexual orientation.

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