Press: Hyattsville commemorates War of 1812 with art and music

by Jon Banister (View FULL STORY online on The Sentinel)

HYATTSVILLE – City residents gathered in the lot behind the Franklin’s restaurant on Route 1 Saturday to transform the bridge and concrete walls into a series of murals commemorating the War of 1812 and city history.

The Bursting in Air public art party featured performers, artists, local vendors and community groups working together to revitalize the public landmark while celebrating their history.
“Along Route 1 there’s an interest in local heritage, history, the arts and specifically for this event we wanted a way that we could see public art applied to the bridge, a way that we could involve community members,” said Justin Fair, economic development coordinator for the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation, which organized the event.
Performances included Blue Sky Puppets, Arachne Aerial Arts and 1814: The War of 1812 Rock Opera.

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