“Insect House” by Elliott Hamilton

“Insect House” by Elliott Hamilton, at Mabel Munch Park

Artist Statement

For my sculpture, I have focused on designing and building insect houses that can be placed in private residence or public spaces. Insect houses are practical and environmentally beneficial, but also can be designed with immerse creativity. Insect house are designed to attract native insects as mason bees, ladybug, butterflies, and lacewings.

My insect house for Riverdale Park will be very similar to the insect house I installed at the Robison Nature Center in Howard County. I have the structure built and now finishing collection the content materials, including lotus pods, gourds, fungi, reeds and bamboo. I use the organic content in combination with interesting objects to create fun dioramas. An example is using the Monster from the Black Lagoon surrounded by lotus pods, or a dinosaur surrounded by fungi. For the Riverdale location, I plan to make unique dioramas pertaining to Riverdale, such as trolley cars for my dioramas.