Langley Park Traffic Box Art Wraps Project

Project Description

Beginning in 2020, CASA de Maryland (CASA) and the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (Hyattsville CDC) are partnering to facilitate a Traffic Box Art Wraps Project in the Langley Park community to transform select traffic signal and utility cabinets into public artworks.

This project is part of a series of environmental enhancements CASA has developed to beautify Langley Park and reduce crime in various high crime hot spots. The strategy is based on the concepts of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, or CPTED, which utilizes elements of the built environment to deter crime and reinforce positive behaviors.

As a key component of this strategy, CASA has engaged with the Hyattsville CDC to implement a public art program to mitigate/deter graffiti and its effects by installing vandalism-resistance vinyl art wraps on traffic and other utility boxes. To read more about the Hyattsville CDC’s history with traffic box art wraps, click HERE.

Design Criteria

The envisioned art wrap designs will aesthetically examine and capture the history and culture of Langley Park and reflect upon the changing nature of the community.

We seek to develop the theme of “Nuestro Langley Park, Nuestro Futuro” (“Our Langley Park, Our Future”) and juxtapose it with a reflective insight which captures the essence of “Nuestro Langley Park, Nuestra Historia” (“Our Langley Park, Our History”). Utilizing traditional patterns, colors and narrative elements, the designs will connect the commonalities and shared histories of different immigrant groups that unite the Langley Park neighborhood.

Get Involved!

We want to hear from you!

CASA and the Hyattsville CDC are now seeking input from the Langley Park community on the final art wrap designs. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, residents are encouraged to provide their comments virtually by completing a bilingual online survey HERE.

Our project artist will use the results of this survey to ensure your voice is counted as she develops the final wraps designs.