Press: Mural art in the suburbs colors outside the city lines: here’s where to view the best

By Marissa Payne & Teddy Wolff (View FULL STORY online on Washington Post)


This painting is so detailed viewers can see the thread count!

Rhode Island Avenue (aka U.S. Route 1) wasn’t always the most scenic of routes. Four Maryland communities — Brentwood, North Brentwood, Mount Rainier and Hyattsville — changed that last year by commissioning 19 murals on or near the once-blighted motorway, in the area known as the Gateway Arts District. And they did it on “an impossibly small budget,” says Stuart Eisenberg, executive director of the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation. A jury-selected pool of eight muralists divvied up $10,000 in public funding (sometimes supplemented by the owners of the properties getting a mural). One of Eisenberg’s favorites is a painting of an eagle and an American flag, on a wall of an auto mechanic’s shop at 4728 Rhode Island Ave. in Hyattsville. “You can see the thread count on a very dynamic flag, it’s that detailed,” he says. Another mural is eye-catching in a very different way: It depicts a kitten and puppy nuzzling in a hot-pink chair. See it at Mount Rainier pet spa Paws of Enchantment (3415 Perry St.).

If patriotism doesn’t do it for you, perhaps some cuddly animals will. 

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