Press: Hyattsville forum addresses residents’ canine concerns

Residents seek solutions for escaped, stray canines By Jamie Anfenson-Comeau (View FULL STORY online on the Gazette)

Nancy Meyer of Hyattsville said a community menace is making her fearful in her community — and they attack on four legs. Meyer said her dog has been attacked several times by loose dogs roaming the neighborhood, and she said she recently tried to protect a friend’s dog when it was attacked. “It makes me afraid to live in this community and walk my dog, and really has given me pause,” Meyer said during a Jan. 27 forum on loose dogs in Hyattsville. “If I’m afraid to walk on my own street, because I’ve seen 150 pound dogs going after people, kids, adults, other dogs, my feelings about living here really changes.” Mount Rainier resident Joanne Kirsch of the Gateway Dog Club said she organized a forum to discuss options for dealing with loose dogs following online discussions about dog attacks in Mount Rainier and Hyattsville.

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