Press: Prince Georges and the arts go hand in hand

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I’m not sure why The Gazette was so keen on assassinating the arts in Prince George’s County. The Gazette’s Our Opinion [editorial] “Paint-by-numbers method doesn’t work for business” was sad. And it was wrong; the arts do work for businesses. There are many towns in Maryland that have been revived by the arts, places such as Frederick, Baltimore, Annapolis, Hagerstown and, yes, Hyattsville. Why would the rest of Prince George’s County be any different? Are we to think that the culpability is in our citizens or in the quality of art produced?

Perhaps the article is faulting the types of businesses in our communities? The article said we should “yield to unique ideas that would prevent cannibalization of other county efforts.” A better known writer, Samuel Butler, wrote in “Note-Books,” “The history of arts is the history of revivals.” What’s wrong with using a proven method in the revitalization of a town? And how quickly should we expect results? The Hyattsville Community Development Corp. was dedicated to the revitalization and sustainable development of the Hyattsville community and was founded in the fall of 2000 by community activists. Hyattsville has worked hard for more than a decade to get where it is today.

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