Bulletin Board: Proposed Expansion of the Hyattsville Historic District

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The Hyattsville Mayor and City Council will conduct a Public Hearing on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 at 7:30 p.m. to allow residents and all interested parties the opportunity to comment on the proposed expansion of the City’s existing National Register Historic District. This Public Hearing will be held at the Hyattsville Municipal Building, 4310 Gallatin Street, in the third floor City Council Chambers. Public comment and participation is encouraged. The Public Hearing will be broadcast live on Cable Channel 71.

The Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (HyCDC) received a grant from the State of Maryland to conduct research and survey work necessary to prepare a nomination to expand the District’s boundaries to encompass additional areas, primarily in East Hyattsville. In February 2004, EHT Traceries, Inc., the consultants carrying out the work, presented their main findings. Community members who attended the meeting expressed a strong interest in further expanding the boundaries to encompass all of Hyattsville Hills and Ellaville.

For the past few months, Traceries has been conducting the additional research and survey work to do this and will present the results at the June 9 hearing. The hearing will serve as an opportunity for residents to ask questions about what it means to be included in the Historic District, about the State of Maryland’s Historic Tax Credit program and the timeline for the nomination process. The draft survey and nomination are available on the City website, www.hyattsville.org. Copies may also be viewed at Hyattsville Municipal Building.

For additional information, contact Hyattsville CDC Community Legacy Coordinator Corinne Rothblum at 301-864-7684 or Hyattsville City Clerk Doug Barber at 301-985-5009 or by e-mail at dbarber@hyattsville.org.


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