From our Year-End 2015 Newsletter:

HCDC is working with the Town of Riverdale Park, and in conjunction with our fiscal affiliate the Riverdale Park Arts Council, to create an Art-In-Place sculpture program. The Initiative extends our goal to introduce high-quality works of public art throughout Route 1 and the surrounding area.

We have worked through a year filled with licensing and legal issues in order to secure the Art Initiative’s installation locations:

  • JD Williams Professional Building
  • Beale Circle
  • Chambers Funeral Home
  • Rhode Island Avenue Trolley Trail
  • Riverdale Recreation Park
  • Riverside Neighborhood Park

As the pilot for the program; Joanna Blake’s Great Blue Herons, will be a permanent artwork for East-West Highway & Route 1 at the JD Williams Professional Building.  This installation is also supported by the County’s Environmental Public Art Project (EPAP).

The commissioned work is the second of the Environmental Public Art Project works sponsored by the Prince George’s Arts & Humanities Council, the Department of the Environment, and the Art In Public Places.  Thanks for additional funding through private donation also goes to Councilmember Jonathan Ebbeler.

Explore the Process

Click here to view images of Joanna Blake’s work in progress, as well as the proposal images of the other finalists, Alan Binstock & George Sabra.