5 New Year-Long Sculptures + Great Blue Herons

Completing its first year of year-long exhibition, the Riverdale Park Public Art Initiative has rotated anew the five sculpture sites with new artworks. Designed to create a publicly accessible, outdoor sculpture gallery, the Initiative brings together public and private partnerships to locate sites that will turn ordinary street-corners, offices and parks into unexpected showcases that delight and enlighten residents and visitors alike. For a virtual tour, head online for the latest press release + artist profiles.

•  Alan Binstock: “Totem” at the Rhode Island Ave Trolley Trail (6000 block)
•  Paul Steinkoenig: “In Harmony” at Chambers Funeral Home (exp. Jan. 2018)
•  Grant McFarland: “Asymmetrical Equilibrium” at Riverside Neighborhood Park
•  Craig Berube-Gray: “Sweet-Hearts” at Beale Circle
•  George Sabra: “Era Gate” at Riverdale Recreation Park

On Permanent Exhibition:

“Great Blue Herons” by the late Joanna Blake at the JD Williams Professional Building was installed this Fall at the corner of East-West Highway and US Route 1.

Sadly, during the span of this commission, our community lost two close friends: Joanna and JD. To honor their memories, celebrate their legacies, and thank our sponsors, please join us for an unveiling for “Herons” early February 2018.

Details will be announced soon.