“Scoured” by Leila Holtsman

“Scoured” by Leila Holtsman, beside the Rhode Island Trolley Trail, 6100 block of Rhode Island Avenue, Riverdale Park, MD 20737

Artist Statement

The origin of my work, “Scoured (Average Height),” lies in the tenacity of an improbable, stony-tulip-looking marine animal, the stalked crinoid. The adaptability it displays to survive 450 million years amazes and encourages me. Its tenacity in the face of near extinction is my metaphor for a woman’s resilience in the face of demands of motherhood. My abstract work depicts the marks of transformation on the self as a woman becomes a mother.

“Scoured” is my first 3-dimensional, public artwork. (My previous commission work has been 2-dimensional and for private clients and nonprofit organizations.) We women discuss among friends and in society the changes that a woman undergoes as a mother. Yet mothers continue to feel isolated in their role as mothers. I believe what we need is a visible empathetic support of the invisible, yet challenging transformation of the self.