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Section 3: Permits & Inspections

As described below, there are two offices that review permits and inspections.

  1. Prince George’s County: Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE)
  2. The City of Hyattsville

Note: All permit requests are reported to the City. While the City licenses businesses within the City of Hyattsville, and views fence permit applications and driveway permit applications, there is no City-based “Permits Office.

Building Permits for Hyattsville are strictly a County-regulated functionJust as Zoning is strictly a Park & Planning (M-NCPPC) regulated function.

Is The Property Going to be Developed?

If so, when a development plan is filed within any of our three Development District Overlay Zones, such as a Conceptual Site Plan in either of the two Transit Districts, or a Detailed Site Plan in the Gateway Arts District (where your property is subject to the requirements of the Gateway Arts District Development District Standards), the plan is referred statutorily to the City by Park & Planning (M-NCPPC) for comment. If a departure from the “Development District Standards” is sought by the applicant, the City’s input and position may have significant weight in determining the outcome of the development review.

Prince George’s County: DPIE

Use & Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy (or Use of Occupancy Permit) is now issued by the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE). A U&O is required when a change of tenant or use occurs at a business property and construction is not required. Please note that every building and tenant in Prince George’s County (with the exception of the City of Laurel) is required to Use & Occupancy permit issued by the County before business operation may begin. Even if you have a U&O from another city, you will need to reapply for Hyattsville. In cases where a County Business License is required, businesses must obtain a U&O prior to obtaining a business license.

Finding a Property

Use & Occupancy Permit – No Construction

The following items are required for a U&O permit, when no construction is taking place:

  • Property Tax ID Number (which is your Federal EIN)
  • Two (2) Site/Plot Plans showing Lot, Building, and Parking

Use & Occupancy Permit – Temporary

The following items are required for a Temporary U&O:

  • Property Tax ID Number
  • Two (2) Site Plans
  • One (1) Letter from Owner

Site/Plot plans may be obtained from the property owner. If your owner does not have one, legitimate site plans can be obtained by hiring a draftsmn (architect/engineer/interior designer).

Use & Occupancy Inspections

Site inspections can be scheduled via phone or online. For your inspection, have your U&O permit package on site and ensure the following:

  • Site is in compliance with the site plan
  • All equipment is operational and functions properly
  • All doors, lights, life safety items, fire extinguishers etc. are in working order
  • Remove all debris/trash

How To Fill Out a U&O

The Use & Occupancy permit is accessible online under the Permit Application Form. Required fields to fill out include, but are not limited to: property description, work description, owner information and type of permit applied for. To find site information, you will need to check your property on two other sites – SDAT and PGAtlas.

The State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT), has a property database you can search using the Real Property Database Search function. This will provide you with your Lot, Block, Parcel, Grid, Subdivision, and Plat information.

PGAtlas, the County’s online mapping system, allows you to search for a property by address or tax number. Here, you can find the Liber, Folio and Zone Code (which corresponds to County Use code in SDAT).


The walk-through permit process is available for the following types of permits:

  • Commercial Tenant Permits with the accompanying Use and Occupancy Permit, when required; may be limited to the size and type of construction
  • Applications for Use and Occupancy Permits without construction; this procedure does not apply to buildings erected prior to 1971, properties serviced by private well and septic, or buildings with changes to the proposed use of the original building
  • Building Sign Permits
  • Fire sprinkler site releases
    Properties located in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area, Historic Sites, and applications determined by any reviewing agency to be inappropriate for the walk-thru process must go through the regular review process.

City of Hyattsville

City of Hyattsville Business License

All businesses within the city limits of Hyattsville must fill out a Hyattsville Business License for approval. The form is available for online download here. To apply, you must already have obtained:

  1. Use & Occupancy Permit – for questions, call Prince George’s County Permits @ (301) 833-6043
  2. State Trader’s License Numberfor questions, call License Bureau of the Comptroller’s Office @ (410) 260-6240
  3. MD Business Personal Property/Department Tax ID Number (your Federal EIN) – for questions, call MD Department of Taxation @ (410) 767-1350

City Business Inspections

After submitting a City Business License application, the Department of Code Enforcement will assign an Inspector to conduct an initial inspection. Additionally, the Department conducts periodic inspections of all businesses located in Hyattsville. If your property does not pass the initial inspection, you will be given a violation notice which identifies all deficiencies, the required corrections, and the date they must be corrected by. Please note that this notice will be issued to the property owner, but business owners may request a copy of the notice by calling 301-985-5014.

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