Seeking U.S. Art All Over Map. Just Check GPS.

By Randy Kennedy (View article online on NYTimes, referred by The Hyattsville Wire)

While the Whitney many years ago broadened its focus beyond the United States, Crystal Bridges is building its show not only around the curators’ road trip but also against the all-American backdrop of the museum’s growing collection by artists like Sargent, O’Keeffe, Rockwell and Pollock.

Jennifer Doyle, an English professor and contemporary art specialist at the University of California, Riverside, said she saw the idea as a challenge by a nonurban museum to the art-world dominance of New York and Los Angeles. Bentonville has a population of 38,000, smaller than the average weekly attendance at the Museum of Modern Art.

“If you want to assert your own set of cultural values, then this seems like a grandly ambitious scheme to try to do that,” Ms. Doyle said. “It’s almost like a census.”

Searching for American Artists
Since July, two curators for the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art have visited more than 650 artists across the country. Below, an itinerary of cities and areas visited.

Washington, D.C.,
Alexandria, Richmond, Va.,
Hyattsville, Md.

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