Small Business Workshops & Counseling

The Hyattsville Community Development Corporation will host a series of workshops, led by professional consultants, geared to enhance small business operations, followed by one-on-one counseling, this Fall 2014. The Serving the Emergent Market Series, will be free to businesses located in the City of Hyattsville, the Gateway Arts District, the Route One Corridor, and surrounding communities. Recent market data documenting changing economic conditions in the region suggest new market opportunities and challenges abound. Are you ready to meet them?
Workshop topics may include: Taxes/Accounting, Legal issues, Financial Counseling, Marketing, Project Management, Insurance, E-business diversification, etc. However, in order to make the program more effective, we want to hear from YOU about your needs!
Any interested businesses should fill out a Registration Form online to help CDC staff design workshops that fit business needs and schedules as closely as possible. You can fill out the form online here or email a filled PDF to Molly O’Connell:
More information will be forthcoming as we put together this program and continue to support our local business community.

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