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HyCDC provides public access to databases that feature interactive filter-able tables alongside mapped coordinates, to record changes in area business and property tenancy and availability. HyCDC also provides a Public Art Locator and as available, transit map and resources. Data is collected not just in-person or online, but also with detailed data from the  Consolidated Route One Communities Primary Trade Area (PTA).

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Additional Tips

  • Use Chrome or Firefox on Desktop/Laptop (or tablet in Landscape Mode)
  • We recommend zooming out to see all columns and filters.
  • Let the database load for 10 seconds
  • Once it does, narrow down what you're looking for with each filter. Once you select a filter, data will update for you.
  • The magic in this database is its filters. Filter by city, neighborhood, category, shopping center, etc. Please note, not all entries have full data for every criteria.
  • Search terms are exact, so if need be, try different variations and spellings.
  • You can customize and export content. Simply scroll down and in the bottom-left, click the 'Download' button to save a spreadsheet to your computer.
  • Having issues? Correct a current entry? E-mail

HyCDC collects data on:


Terminology Questions:

  • Property and Category Types are subjective, as are tags.
  • Note, for terms relating to Neighborhoods:
    • The Route One Corridor is home to the Gateway Arts District, and available properties within the Arts District may be eligible for the Real Property Tax Credit. Find your property on a map here.
    • "Prince George's Plaza" is not a brand and does not refer to the Mall at Prince Georges, but rather, refers to the commercial corridor stretching around East-West Highway and Belcrest Drive.
    • "West Hyattsville" refers to areas west of Queens Chapel Road.
    • "Historic District" generally regards businesses located east of Queens Chapel Road, and well west of Baltimore Avenue.

Vacant Commercial Properties Notes and Tools:

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