“Solar Flare”by Davide Prete

“Solar Flare” by Davide Prete, at Beale Circle, 4513 Rittenhouse Street, Riverdale, MD 20737

Artist Statement

Davide Prete is an artist and an educator. He studies architecture in Italy and Sculpture in USA and recently his works focuses on new technologies such as 3D Printing and 3D Scanning. He works as a professor of Art at UDC where he teaches sculpture, digital tools, ceramic. He works has been showcased internationally in London, Paris, New York. He works in Washington D.C., and Mount Rainier, MD where is opening a new 4,000 sq./ft art studio and gallery. He has gained great experience in public works and he believes that public sculptures are needed not only to beautify a city, but to contribute to the culture life of the city, create a new identity, and improve the quality and design of public places and community. He thinks that a single art project, well inserted in a bigger master plan, can help the city to have new focal point, a new point of interest for people that live and visit the city. Consequently, he is always thinking not only about the single sculpture, but about the environment, the cultural context, the people who will interrelate with the sculpture with their movement, and daily interactions. Each specific site, with its architectural, social and functional realities, guide his work in developing innovative shapes and forms as well as in choosing the placement, scale and material of construction for the artwork.