Streetcar 82 Brewing Company coming to Hyattsville, thanks in part to city program

By Allan Walters (View full story online on Hyattsville Life and Times)

The City of Hyattsville played a role in bringing a new brewery to the area.

On Oct. 24, the City of Hyattsville kicked off Maryland Economic Development Week with a ceremony at the future site of Streetcar 82 Brewing Company, which will occupy a repurposed auto repair garage at 4824 Rhode Island Avenue.

City staff chose the Streetcar 82 location to highlight the commercial façade improvement program for local businesses and property owners. This program offers a matching investment of up to $50,000 to building owners to improve the exterior of their businesses.

In 2015, John Wilson, the owner of a strip of buildings along Rhode Island Avenue between 42nd Place and 43rd Avenue, received a $15,000 grant that, according to a City of Hyattsville press release, included window and door replacement, painting, stucco work, and the installation of new lighting. This eventually enabled Wilson to attract the attention of a team of local brewers — Jon Cetrano, Mark Burke and Sam Costner — who were looking for a place to open a brewery.

Mayor Candace Hollingsworth, who presented a plaque of recognition to Wilson, said, “When you hear numbers like $15,000, it does not seem like it would make a big difference — but it does. We are pleased to be celebrating our partnership with the local business community.”

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