Support “Victorious” – A Documentary about the Prince George’s County DC Divas

victoriousJust got off the phone with a very interesting and talented local filmmaker, a Hyattsville and the Gateway Arts District resident, Robert Mac.
He visited with us at the office the other day.

He has a live IndieGoGo campaign worth checking out.
He’s seeking support for a documentary film he’s shot, entitled “Victorious;” which tells the amazing story of the undefeated DC Divas full contact women’s football team.
They were the 2015 WFA National Champions, and I learned that they play their home games right here in Prince George’s County, out of Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex adjacent to FedEx field.

Interestingly, one of their team captains, Allyson Hamlin, is a Prince George’s County homicide police detective.

I was surprised I hadn’t heard more about the DC Divas and their connection to Prince George’s County, but women’s football doesn’t really get much media play at this time.
And that’s a shame because they are really good at it.

The documentary also explores social justice themes including gender equality and the intersection of sports and LGB issues.
So we have a local artist, a documentarian, fundraising to produce a work featuring a County-based sports phenom.
Thought I’d get the word out.

Very worth checking out the trailer and considering supporting.
Happy Thanksgiving neighbors, friends, and list-watchers alike.