Some of our favorite testimonials from over the years…..

I’m amazed at the energy of the Director and all the staff. It’s evident that HyCDC is having an impact on this community as it is evident in Hyattsville’s growth.

-Cheryl Fountain, FrameSavvy 

HyCDC’s staff are functional and likable; the beat-on-the-street. A real grassroots operation: they give good direction and solid references. They can give you a prescription for zoning in the County. They are a knowledgeable, accessible database regarding occupancy-vacancy, and as a property owner, they’ve been a resource for my tenants too with HyCDC’s small business tools.

-Daniel Simon, SoHy Manufacturing, 4327 Gallatin St-5130 Baltimore Ave

My first contact to the HyCDC was in regards to establishing a flea market within the community. While this project hasn’t surfaced (just yet!), I’m thankful to HyCDC for their hands-on approach to issues and events in the community. This gives a greater sense of leadership and caring. As a new business to Hyattsville, I’m looking forward to any opportunities that would allow me to advertise my business–and I know HyCDC will send ’em my way!

-Curtis Culbreath, Wilford’s Upholstery 

The Hyattsville CDC has played a vital role in my two year journey of building CAMPspace®, a private event rental and cowork venue in Hyattsville.  They opened their doors to me from day one, helping with everything from reviewing and editing my 50+ page business plan, to referring me to my new landlord.  The CDC’s support and willingness to network on behalf of residents and business owners proves to be invaluable time and time again. I’m genuinely looking forward to connecting with other community members at upcoming CDC sponsored events, like the Cision Press Outreach Workshop and the Coffee Crawl.  

-Patrice Cameau, CAMPspace

Caracas de Ayer (formerly known as Café Azul) participated in the Biz-Art Match-Up Program and loved the results of the artwork outside our business. Many customers now take pictures outside the cafe and the artwork makes our business more visible on Route 1. With additional programs like workshops and the Annual Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival, the Hyattsville CDC supports local small business with tools and ideas that help grow the businesses.

-Monica Serrano, Caracas de Ayer
(formerly known as Café Azul)

HCDC provided us with informed knowledge about available commercial spaces in Hyattsville,  connected us with property owners, and provided us with insight on the property’s history and any  extant boundary conditions and zoning information.   Because of their assistance, we were able to finalize a lease agreement and are beginning build-out at our new location.

-Jonathan Cetrano, Streetcar 82 Brewing Co.

We support the CDC’s vision to create an inviting and engaging space that encourages people to interact with Hyattsville’s Veterans Memorial and goes beyond fixed memorial design.

-Kelvin Harris, Prince George’s County Commission for Veterans

I had several obstacles in regards to starting my business; principally, direction and business advice. I attended one of the small business workshops held in Hyattsville. During the workshop I gained some clarity on a few business decisions and was even referred to a business consultant who sat with me one on one and gave direct advice for my business. This was very helpful.

-Chanel Essence, d’Oro PRIVE’