Fundraising: Biz-Art Matchup


Our Goal

To expose viewers of art to participating businesses, while simultaneously exposing the artists’ works to businesses’ customers. The artist will develop/promote a business’s product, services, or the business’s location through unconventional, low-cost means while the business owner utilizes fusion marketing with the artist’s works or services in-house or online.


Fusion Marketing in the Arts District

An artist and a business or business owner can be paired up for:

  • cross-marketing consultations
  • making business portraits (music, written, visual)
  • web outreach
  • art displays
  • event planning (open house, pop-up event, other)
  • art included on/in signage, publications or menus
  • More brainstormed examples here.


Help us fund

  • Innovative artists’ services for Route 1 businesses and the emerging area developments
  • Inspire our artists to think bigger: your contribution can provide each business-artist pair with more time to develop their materials, to implement their work, and showcase our neighborhood’s corridor.
  • Support these local businesses with even better contemporary, high-quality, clever works of expertise where before they wouldn’t have the capability.

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