We keep an active listing of area filmmakers and digital artists in the Greater Metropolitan area, including those who have been selected for our jury-endorsed, pre-qualified artist pools, for ongoing programs like The Cultural Exchange and our past support of the Creative Edge Collaborative, as well as for one-time projects like the Gateway Arts District Spring 2013 Promotional Video.


We encourage you to look through these artists’ portfolios and consider each for hire. Want to be listed here? Please e-mail our webmaster with your information; and additionally, we recommend you register with the Gateway Arts District Artists Directory (select Film & Digital Media).


Recommended Artists (scroll down for profiles/descriptions):

  1. A.C. Warden
  2. Antoinette Tope
  3. Art Jones
  4. Avery Gimble
  5. Brian Bullock
  6. Brian Cooper
  7. Cary Anderson
  8. Dave Nuttycombe
  9. Ear of the Eye Productions
  10. Elliott Francis
  11. Emmett Williams
  12. Falani Spivey
  13. Gabriel Resstack/Nic Weinfeld
  14. Gemal Woods
  15. Jason Baustin
  16. Jeffrey Kramer / Kramer Communications
  17. Jonathan Alexander
  18. Melissa Thompson
  19. Mikael Manoukian
  20. Najma Nuriddin
  21. NPJ Advertising & Public Relations, Inc. / Nate Pope
  22. Raphael Talisman
  23. Tanecia Britt



A.C. Warden of Cherchez La Femme Productions, LLC

Brentwood, MD


Whether on the Web, on TV, or in a theater, a video or film can have a powerful effect on a viewer. But this is only the beginning. At best, a program draws its audience in and touches them in an emotional way. More than that, it can call them to some kind of action. With over 35 years of experience working in television (PBS, National Geographic, Discovery), and governmental and non-profit organizations, as well as museums (including the Smithsonian Institution, Greenpeace, and UNHCR) AC Warden very much looks forward to having an opportunity to assist the artists, organizations, businesses, and government agencies throughout my community and to give vision to their voices.

Antoinette Tope

Alexandria, VA


A freelance editor, director, producer and videographer, Antoinette Tope is a creative professional with will-developed written and oral communication skills, a proven ability to handle high-pressure environments, and a flair for the broadcast media and production industry.

Art Jones



Art Jones is a veteran filmmaker who began his work in documentaries on PBS’s “Frontline.” Since 1991, he has headed Great Jones Productions – writing, directing and producing documentary-based films for a host of educational, cultural and corporate clients, including IBM, Merck, YMCA and Time Warner – while creating a funding engine for the development of documentary and narrative films.Weaving visceral documentary footage with narrative storytelling in both films, Art has chronicled a “vanishing New York” of old neighborhoods, architecture and true-grit characters, while capturing turnaround and renewal within struggling and “underdog” communities. Both features are distributed by Cinequest & available on DVD.

Art holds a B.A. in American Civilization from Brown University and serves as Adjunct Professor of Film at Hunter College, New York.

Avery Gimble

Herndon, VA


Avery Gimble caught the film “bug” in high school and continued to pursue an interest in film in college and university and took several elective courses on the topic. Recently, Avery completed several film and media courses at Arlington Independent Media in Arlington Virginia.

Brian Bullock

Upper Marlboro, Md


For the past eight years, Brian Bullock has created social issue and historical documentary films.  When not creating long form films, Brian works with organizations to produce short films that tell the world about the great work they do. Whether saving animals or educating about teen pregnancy, these organizations inspire Brian to do more in the world. “I believe that visually compelling films can help bring about change and improve peoples lives.”


Brian Cooper

Fort Washington, MD


Brian Cooper is a local filmmaker in the Metro Area. Brian grew up in the City of Washington (NE), and is familiar with the Hyattsville area. Recently, Brian volunteered with Circa 34 Consignments in Mount Rainier, videoing their annual fundraising fashion show: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JAWb8vgo5k&list=UUT9Jwkyas41t5e0N-9YA6Pg&index=1.

Cary Anderson

Towson, MD


Cary Anderson is a filmmaker creating promotional videos. Recently, Cary co-wrote and worked as Associate Producer for a low budget feature shot in L.A. called The Vortex. Cary has also written and directed shorts for Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die website. Cary has worked with Robert Picardo and Tim Russ from Star Trek: Voyager, Joe Lando from Dr. Quinn and Nikki Ziering from American Pie. Cary is currently attached to direct a thriller that he co-wrote.

Charles Sessoms

Brentwood, MD


Charles A. Sessoms is a filmmaker and fine art photographer educated at the State University of New York at Binghamton and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His film and television credits include work with WNET TV, the Childrens Television Workshop and Nickelodeon in New York City and WETA TV and WHMM TV in Washington DC. In 1983, he was awarded the Prized Pieces Award from the National Black Programming Consortium for as a producer on SPACES, a science series for teens produced at WETA TV. In 2003, his feature documentary TO DO NO HARM, about the struggle to bring needle exchange to Massachusetts was an official entry at the Provincetown International Film Festival.

Dave Nuttycombe

Silver Spring, MD


Dave Nuttycombe is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and producer with more than 20 years experience providing creative solutions for such corporations and government agencies as USDA, the Veterans Administration, Discovery Channel, Philip Morris, Cox Communications, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and dozens more.

Last year, the AFI Silver Theatre hosted a retrospective of my film work. As a journalist, Dave has written for The Washington Post, National Public Radio, Washington City Paper, Reader’s Digest, Mother Jones, and Slate, among many others.

Elliott Francis of Inside Image Productions, LLC

Boyds, MD


As an Emmy-Award winning news journalist of thirty years and president of Inside Image Productions, LLC, a locally based new media and visual arts company, Elliott Francis is confident in his ability to create engaging video presentations designed to “create buzz” and meet your marketing needs.His success in creating promotional videos is buoyed by an outstanding creative team with the ability to quickly adapt to new demands, communicate with a wide range of associates, and maintain a high degree of organization and professionalism. Elliott is thoroughly comfortable with the “process” from initial concept development, through production, to final deliverables.


Emmett Williams of Mission Man Media



Award-winning artist Emmett Williams founded Mission Man Media with the idea of telling stories in ways that have not been told before. As an internationally known musician, nationally exhibited photographer, and published writer, Emmett has made a career out of seeing things in a different way, while making his art accessible to a wide audience. After many years producing and writing for television, he is making the switch to tell his stories using compelling and entertaining feature-length documentaries.

Falani Spivey

Washington, DC


Raised in the inner city of Washington, DC, Falani Spivey considers herself a citizen of Africa and the Diaspora. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Howard University. While at Howard, she studied abroad in Ghana, West Africa to studying West African. It was on the continent that she became inspired to become a filmmaker. Today, her passion is to document the stories and experiences of Africa and her descendants scattered abroad. She has traveled to Brazil, Ghana, Jamaica, South Africa and Trinidad & Tobago doing independent film projects. Her aspirations are to be a progressive filmmaker, bringing the most dynamic untold stories to screen. Without a doubt, her upbringing and international travels have had a profound impact on her life and have been divine inspirations to not only give back to her community, but also to make contributions to the global community through films.

FoxFury Film LLC.

240-595-9909; 301-755-6268
Reside and centered within Beltsville, MD.(Prince George’s County)


Brian Foxworth was educated at UDC with a Theater focus, graduating in 2010 before pursuing filmmaking full time with the creation of FoxFury Film in 2009. Brian has collaborated with Hyatt Regency Bethesda and Mobile Med amongst others in various video creation and development on the broadcast side. Within the independent world Brian currently pursues cinema through cost effective means and the collaboration with local talent within the metro area. With a belief that the greatest stories are still untold, Brian seeks to assist in bringing them to light through entertaining cinema.

Gemal Woods of Park Triangle

Washington, DC


Gemal Woods founded Park Triangle Productions in 2003, and through the years has done a bit of everything: directing, writing, creative development, consulting, producing, designing, scripting, and programming. He now concentrates primarily on directing, cinematography and editing.
Gemals work has won recognition in the DC film and arts community as well as nationally. Gemal Woods has approached his creative journey with passion, pride and professionalism. He will continue his creative pursuits, advancing his skills and producing commercially viable productions.

Jason Baustin of Traveste Films

Silver Spring, MD


Jason Baustin is a graduate of American Universitys School of Communication with a B.A. in Film and Media Arts. Currently, Jason works at Discovery Channel in Digital Media, and has also formed his own production company, Traveste Films, on the side.

By founding his own company, Jason has been able to assist clients with their video production needs and is looking forward to solely being able to focus on his company. Over the past few years, Jason has gained a great amount of experience by working on local independent films, music videos, documentaries and commercials. These experiences have really honed his filmmaking craft; as such, he feels comfortable working on any type of video project, especially since it is his passion. Jason is technically proficient with editing and camera equipment and also has the creative mind to come up with interesting ideas.


Jonathan Alexander

Hyattsville, MD


Jonathan Alexander is a professional digital filmmaker who writes, produces, shoots and edits documentary, narrative and corporate and commercial video. Jonathan received his B.A. in Video and Film from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Upon graduation, he immediately went to work in television news production in one of the countrys top 15 markets. It is here where he learned the art of telling gripping personal stories using classical storytelling techniques, intuitive interviewing and creative videography all under stringent and ambitious deadlines.

Jeffrey Kramer of Kramer Communications

301 352-3042
Bowie, MD


Kramer Communications is a one-stop shop for film and video production, developing all phases of the process from the creation of the idea to the distribution of the product.  Our film and video production team has created, developed and produced a variety  of nationally broadcast programs, documentaries, commercials, public service announcements (PSAs) and non-broadcast videos for promotion, training, fund raising, recruiting, special events, educational campaigns and music videos.

Melissa Thompson of Tall Girl Shorts

Mt. Rainier, MD


Fifteen years after starting out in the field of documentary production, Melissa Thompson finds herself returning to the first projects she ever made: those that involved working directly with her community. She had the opportunity, shortly after beginning film school, to land a series of jobs documenting the work of artists in Philadelphia, and specifically their work with kids.

Mikael Manoukian of  Ear of the Eye Productions

Arlington, VA


Ear of the Eye Productions is a boutique production company that caters to the needs of arts, culture and human interest stories. Ear of the Eye has created and will continue to create high quality video productions around these themes for the benefit of progressive organizations endeavoring to build a better world.

Najma Nuriddin of Nsoroma Films

Washington, DC


Najma Nuriddin of Nsoroma Films is a native Californian with a B.A in Speech and Communications from San Francisco State University and a Masters in Fine Arts in Film from Howard University. While in her masters program, Najma has shot, directed, edited and produced various film projects and is currently in pre-production for her first feature length documentary project, post graduate school

Nate Pope of NPJ Advertising & Public Relations, Inc.

202-338-4200 x 305
Washington,  DC


NPJ Advertising & Public Relations is backed by an award winning staff and is organized into three different service departments: Media; Client Services; and Creative and Public Relations. We opened our doors in 2001 and are incorporated in the District of Columbia. NPJ has been the catalyst for many great advertising ideas, however, their size guarantees that service to their clients, and not their egos, remains the true motivation behind all of NPJ’s efforts.

Our services include writing and directing, outlining and storyboarding, scripts, camera work and photography, graphic design, and post-production for commercials, videos or slide presentations.

Gabriel Resstack & Nic Weinfeld of Mountain Man Pictures

240 354-0690
Silver Spring , MD


Mountain Man Pictures’ goal is to work with small businesses to produce ads that they can put on their website, as well as a variety of other domains like; Hulu and Youtube along with local movie theatres and even television stations.While Mountain Man Pictures’ focus is ad production, MMP is also looking to expand into the field of music videos, and documentaries. “I believe that the best way to truly gain an understanding for a town or city is by seeing it through the eyes of someone who is knowledgeable about said city or town.”

Through documentation and commercialization not only will the brilliant perspectives that the city has to offer be put on display, but also MMP can promote and bring in revenue simply by telling a story, sharing an idea. “My grandfather was a photographer for many years and he would always tell me that, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.’ If this is true a good video production must be worth millions.”

Raphael Talisman of Route 1 Multimedia

Hyattsville, MD


Route 1 Multimedia was created specifically for people who need high quality video, editing, and photography in the Washington/Baltimore area. “The name came about because of the location of the business in Hyattsville and the strong influence the developing Gateway Arts District has on me where I live as an artist and storyteller. Route 1 also happens to connect my home here in Hyattsville to my business partner Chriss neighborhood in downtown Washington.

Christopher Anderson, my founding partner, and I were colleagues and friends for six years while working at The Gazette Newspapers as still and video photojournalists. We share the same passion for high quality storytelling whether it takes the form of still photography, short-form video, or longer documentaries. Route 1 Multimedia was born because of this passion we both share. Chris and I put everything we have into a project until it is completed to our and the customers total satisfaction, no matter what the project may be.”

Tanecia Britt

Hyattsville, MD


Tanecia has over seven years developing and managing film production, and fostering efficiencies in various settings and a proven track record in project management. Her skills mold her into a passionate entrepreneurial spirit and give me the ability to think strategically and tactically. Also an ability to perform effectively under pressure and to use strong organizational skills when faced with multiple time-sensitive priorities a willingness to “roll-up sleeves.” She most recently developed – from concept to implementation – The DMV International Film Festival which was formed in London, England, then later brought to the United States. Tanecia holds a B.A. in Mass Communication, as well as a M.A. in Film Video and New Screen Media from the University of East London


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The Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (CDC) is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization. We are professionals, tradesmen, business owners, artists, longtime and new residents.

We work to reverse indifference and blight in the City of Hyattsville and surrounding communities.

We recognize Hyattsville’s social, cultural, and material assets, and are committed to harnessing our community’s potential and talents to revitalize the City and neighboring areas. Our board and staff are comprised of Hyattsville residents and local stakeholders.


We envision Hyattsville as a healthy, diverse, well-planned, and thriving community of homes and businesses where the arts: visual, performing and public, are a part of our work and the fabric of our lives.


To develop arts and public spaces, to spur economic development and the quality of community life, to encourage widespread leadership for community revitalization, and to rebuild the City’s commercial corridors.

Gloria Felix-Thompson

Director, the arts connection

Gloria Felix-Thompson is a leader, community advocate and experienced professional
committed to fostering cultural enrichment and social progress. Her journey reflects a
strong dedication to empowering others and making lasting positive change.
With a career spanning over three decades, Gloria has made meaningful contributions
to the arts and public relations landscape. Serving as the Director of the Washington-
based nonprofit, the arts connection, from 1983 to 2021, she played a pivotal role in
orchestrating executive and artistic operations. Her responsibilities ranged from
supervising staff and volunteers to designing and executing media and fundraising

Gloria spearheaded visionary initiatives, including founding the renowned Schubert,
Schubert and Schubert Festival in Georgetown, and Music for the Inner City in
Anacostia, Washington DC. She also represented the United States for the exhibition
&quot;Vienna in Concert,&quot; leading a nationwide media campaign and organizing high-profile
events with government officials and dignitaries. One of her proudest achievements is
receiving the Golden Medal of Merit of the Federal Republic of Austria.

An ardent advocate for community welfare, Gloria has been actively involved in various
initiatives aimed at uplifting underserved populations. She has contributed to urban
forestry efforts as a member of the City of Hyattsville Shade Tree Board. Her dedication
to preservation issues and community development is evident through her roles in
organizations like the Hyattsville Preservation Association and the Hyattsville
Community Development Cooperation.
Fluent in German, Gloria completed her education at the Realgymnasium für Mädchen in
Vienna, Austria where she was born and lived her early life. Gloria continued her
education in Real Estate and Marketing at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Lawrence Taub

Principal, O'Malley, Miles, Nylen & Gilmore, P.A

Lawrence N. Taub has been representing local and national developers, builders, businesses and property owners in land use and zoning matters for over thirty years. Mr. Taub represents his clients before administrative, legislative and judicial bodies to obtain all required approvals for a wide range of developments, including mixed-use and transit-oriented projects, retail centers, office complexes, single-family and multi-family residential developments, senior housing projects, private schools, religious institutions, sand and gravel mining operations, and solid waste facilities. His practice includes such land use matters as rezonings, special exceptions, subdivisions (including preliminary plans, variations and final plats), master plans, sectional map amendments, variances, departures from design standards, basic plans, comprehensive and specific design plans, conceptual and detailed site plans, zoning ordinance text amendments, nonconforming use certifications, validations of permits issued in error, water and sewer category changes, building/use and occupancy permit issues, and defense of zoning violations. His extensive knowledge and experience enable him to develop comprehensive and cohesive strategies to assist his clients in obtaining the governmental approvals needed for their projects.

Lynda Lynn

Cruise Consultant, The Cruise Web, Inc.

Lynda Lynn is currently working on her Marketing Degree at the University of Maryland. Most recently Lynda was the Marketing Project Manager at University Town Center in Hyattsville, Maryland where she planned the weekly outdoor concert series, several festivals and worked with the leasing team and retail tenants to market the development.

Lynda has a background in sales, recruiting, training and project management. She has worked on a wide range of projects for a variety of clients, ranging from event planning at University Town Center to project management during the Exxon/Mobil merger. While at IKON Office Solutions Lynda developed the sponsorship-in-kind relationship with The Susan G. Komen National Race for the Cure. She serves on the board of her homeowners association and enjoys the arts and running.

Chris Hatcher

Attorney, Lerch, Early & Brewer

Christopher L. Hatcher is a member of RWLLS’ Real Estate and Zoning practice, with experience in zoning, subdivision, land use and other real estate development matters. Christopher also has experience representing clients before various municipal, local, state agencies. A graduate of University of Maryland School of Law, Christopher joined the firm as a legislative affairs fellow in 2009. Christopher was a Silver Scholar and a member of the Journal of Health Care Law and Policy during law school. Also, Christopher was a Judicial Asper Fellow for the Honorable Susan K. Gauvey, a Magistrate Judge of the District Court for the District of Maryland. Christopher graduated from Morehouse College, cum laude, with Bachelors of Arts.

Mike Franklin

Proprietor, Franklin's Restaurant, Brewery Store

Mike Franklin is an entrepreneur, who is the owner, developer, and operator of Franklins Restaurant, Brewpub and General Store. Mike worked in the toy distribution and sales business for nineteen years. A detailed profile of the history of his operation in Hyattsville is available from Franklin’s Brewery website. Mike is a graduate of St. Johns College of Annapolis, MD with a B.A. in Classics.

Todd Dengel

Chair Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

Todd Dengel is currently the Mid-Atlantic Regional Director for Reimagined Parking overseeing its family of nationally recognized brands – Impark, Lanier, Republic Parking and AmeriPark. Todd’s primary role is developing new commercial asset opportunities while maintaining successful client relationships.

Todd has lived in Hyattsville, Maryland with his family since 2010. He is currently a member of the Hyattsville Preservation Society and the Hyattsville City Planning Advisory Committee. He has also served as an Executive Committee member of the Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District in Washington, D.C.

Lisa Jordan

Senior Director of Digital Marketing

Lisa Jordan an experienced marketing & communications leader in travel and hospitality, Lisa Jordan is Senior Director of Digital Marketing for Red Roof, a leading economy hotel brand. Her professional background includes nearly 20 years of brand development, marketing strategy and implementation, team leadership and e-commerce in travel. Previously she served on the executive leadership team at Hostelling International USA as Vice President of Marketing. She held several positions during a prior 10-year tenure at Sabre Hospitality Solutions.

Lisa is a longtime Board member for Hyattsville Community Development Corporation and served as the Board Chair from 2014-2020. Drawing from her professional experience, graduate studies, and love for Hyattsville, her priorities are applying sustainable place management practices and soliciting stakeholder input to guide Hyattsville’s development. Lisa also serves on the HSMAI Americas Board, the HSMAI Washington DC chapter Marketing Communications Committee, and is an active volunteer for Women in Travel THRIVE. In 2023 she was named one of the Top 25 Extraordinary Minds in Hospitality Marketing by HSMAI.

She is a proud George Washington University alumna who holds a Master of Tourism Administration from the School of Business. Since earning her master’s degree, Lisa has served multiple years in leadership roles, including Vice President and President, in the GWU Tourism Alumni Network. In 2022 she was honored with the Outstanding Alumni Award for Alumni Leadership by the GWU School of Business MS program in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management.

Lisa lives in Hyattsville, Maryland, and when she is not traveling, she spends her time fixing her house, dancing, biking the Trolley Trail, and enjoying local breweries, roasteries and distilleries.

Mark G. L. Ferguson

Architect and Urban Planner

Mark Ferguson is a practicing architect and land planner who has specialized in land development work in Prince Georges County, Maryland since his graduation from the School of Architecture at the University of Maryland at College Park in 1985. While his primary areas of practice are in planning and zoning work and in site development planning, he regularly designs roads, drainage and stormwater management, and other associated civil engineering work connected with land development projects. In his work in the architectural field, Mr. Ferguson has designed and overseen the construction of almost two million square feet of commercial space, and has provided expert consultations to the United States Department of Justice on site-related handicapped accessibility issues at a number of sites around the United States. Mr. Ferguson was the chairman of the Hyattsville CDC’s Board of Directors from its inception in 2001 until the summer of 2007.

Brian Escobar

Special Programs Coordinator

Brian Escobar joins the Hyattsville CDC as a graduate of the University of Maryland. With a passion for the arts, community development, and marketing lead him to pursue a major of his own making, Social Innovation and Arts Marketing. Through his field of study and work experience he focused on how to mitigate social inequities through the investigation, development, and implementation of sustainable solutions such as social ventures and projects.

He began his career as a marketer as he used social media and digital marketing as a vessel for brand management as well as to spark interest for social change projects. He’s worked with small local businesses and artists to optimize their marketing strategy.

Growing up in the City of Hyattsville provided him a unique perspective and experience that drives his passion. Looking to give back to his community he hopes to continue to elevate the community and city of Hyattsville.

E-Mail: bescobar@hyattsvillecdc.org
Telephone: (301) 683-8267

Jessica Perez

Communication & Program Specialist

Jessica Perez joins the Hyattsville CDC after working with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as a service specialist from 2018-2021, working on Hurricane Harvey, the COVID-19 vaccine, FEMA Funeral Assistance Program. Throughout these roles, she helped people nationally and holds deep knowledge about public policy in how the federal system operates managing natural disasters. Jessica has a Master’s Degree in Political Communication from American University. She enjoys hiking and trying new restaurants in the DMV area in her spare time.

E-Mail: jperez@hyattsvillecdc.org
Telephone: (301) 683-8267

Bronwyn King

Program Manager

Bronwyn King is a community arts activist focused on supporting artists and creating new opportunities for public art engagement in the SoHy area of Hyattsville. King also co-founded the local non-profit SoHy Co-op to provide promotional assistance to local businesses. She remains deeply committed to building a stronger community through access to the arts.

E-Mail: bking@hyattsvillecdc.org
Telephone: (301) 683-8267

Stuart Eisenberg

Executive Director

Stuart Eisenberg has served as the Executive Director of the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation since 2005, developing the arts and public spaces of Hyattsville and the Gateway Arts District while delivering economic development and revitalization activities throughout the urban edge of Prince George’s County and along the Route One Corridor.

Stuart is a former Hyattsville City Council President, where he focused on implementing strategic plans, expanded community planning, and funded infrastructure renewal. Stuart has had the privilege to serve on several nonprofit organization and advisory boards in Prince George’s County. He is immediate past-President of the Anacostia Trails Heritage Area Inc.; former Vice President of the Hyattsville Preservation Association; and is currently a member of the Gateway Arts District Management Team. Other affiliations include service on Community Forklift’s Capital Acquisition Committee, the Prince George’s County Council’s Gas Safety Policy Task Force; and WSSC’s Environmental Advisory Board.

During his tenure working on local community development and revitalization Stuart has managed many non-profit and governmental fundraising endeavors, initiated development projects, and the construction of community facilities. Stuart has played a key role in the creation of new commercial and residential space, and public art projects in Hyattsville and across nine municipalities. He has led or assisted in many legislative and administrative efforts to aid in the realization of community-based revitalization goals: including the statewide authorization to create Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Maryland; enabling the universal use of Resident Artist tax credits in Arts Districts all across the State; and spearheading the team that authored the Prince George’s County Gateway Arts & Entertainment District Recertification.

Stuart’s previous career as a cabinet maker and project manager, along with his long-time avid community and environmental activism, prepared him well for his current mission: making Hyattsville CDC a leading nonprofit community services provider transforming the Route One Corridor and the Inner Beltway region of Prince George’s County: facilitating the economic renaissance of the area and leading to a sustainable, fortified local tax base.

E-Mail: eisenberg@hyattsvillecdc.org
Telephone: (301) 683-8267