Gateway Sector Plan

All major development in the Gateway Arts District is maintained with respect to the 2004 Approved Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment provided below. We invite you to share in our vision:


Prince George's County Gateway Arts District Sector Plan

 This plan contains recommendations for land use, zoning, transportation, urban design, historic preservation, public facilities, parks and other elements. The sector plan describes objectives, issues, and physical design recommendations that reflect the “character” land use concept derived from substantial input from the stakeholders who participated in community charrettes and workshops during 2002. A public forum in April 2002 provided the community with the opportunity to express its concerns on planning issues. Subsequently a design charrette and three workshops were held. The four municipalities—Mount Rainier, Brentwood, North Brentwood, and Hyattsville—provided valuable input towards developing the plan.

Learn more about the Gateway Arts District by downloading the  Prince George’s County Gateway Arts District Sector Plan 


Abstract: This document contains text and map of the Approved Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment for the Prince George’s County Gateway Arts District. The plan amends the 1994 Approved Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment for Planning Area 68 and the 2002 Prince George’s County Approved General Plan. The plan contains background information, a vision statement, a land use concept, and design standards and guidelines. There are goals, objectives and recommendations for the plan elements of land use and development pattern, environmental infrastructure, transportation systems, public facilities, economic development, urban design, historic preservation, and arts and cultural heritage. The sectional map amendment section proposes zoning changes, including use changes and an overlay zone to implement the plan’s recommendations and design standards.