“Asymmetrical Equilibrium” by Grant McFarland, 2017

Asymmetrical Equilibrium was an experiment in craftsmanship, a human scale object that serves some unknown function. It moves in rhythm, referencing an oil derrick, maybe part of some larger device that has since gone missing. It sits poised, as if it might suddenly, with a bit of groaning and creaking, grind slowly back into rotation. -Grant McFarland

"Asymmetrical Equilibrium" by Grant McFarland, at Riverside Neighborhood Park, 4923 Taylor Road, Riverdale Park, MD 20737

Artist Statement

Broadly speaking, I’m interested in structures. Things that humans build, forms we create, and how we move through them physically and psychologically. I focus on the rigidity, solidity and permanence of the built environment, as well as the falseness or permeability of the same.

More specifically, I strive to create the in-between, forms that move through existing architecture but speak a different language. I investigate the relationship between interior and exterior, and how the two relate and define, or in some cases, deny each other. 

I’ve also started to think about structure as a response humans have, our innate desire to build. We seek control and competition. We create past the point of safety or wisdom just because we can. We engender danger by our arrogance and resist coexistence. I use structure to investigate these notions, to explore why we are so driven to
build and destroy, and how these inclinations are intertwined.