“Reclaimed Wood Micro House” by Forty Third Place

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A Brief Q&A with Blake Sloane

What do you hope to accomplish in your artwork?

To create a small structure that children would interact with and simultaneously showcase the beauty of reclaimed materials.

Who's the artwork geared towards? What goals or ideas do you wish to articulate?

The piece was definitely designed with children in mind. I selfishly wanted to make something that I knew my 3 year old daughter would love interacting with, and as with all of my work, reclaimed materials where an integral part. My goal of this project was to demonstrate that something both functional and aesthetically pleasing can be created with materials often considered waste.

How does the artwork reflect or influence your experience as a resident/neighbor of Riverdale Park and its larger arts community?

This piece is a great reflection of the strong community in Riverdale Park-Hyattsville. Many of the materials have come to us from generous donations from our community members who remodeled there homes and wanted to give a second life to the great old wood that all of these local 100+ year old homes are made of.

"Reclaimed Wood Micro House" by Forty Third Place, at Riverside Neighborhood Park, 4923 Taylor Road, Riverdale Park, MD 20737

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…the marriage of rustic reclaimed wood and modern design with a fondness for geometry and bold color. We like to let the beauty of materials - found, salvaged, or repurposed­­ guide our designs. -Blake Sloane