“Slices of Heaven” by Craig Berube-Gray

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My art is about sharing an experience. The interwoven slices of oranges are symbolic of the connection of people and community. The orange can stand alone bright and happy. If you look closer you may see the rising sun or even the petals of a sun flower. This artwork ultimately is about renewal. As I installed the work this past December in the Riverdale Park neighborhood, with the darkness coming on at the threshold of winter, it is my hope that "Slices of Heaven" will bring a smile to the face of young and old with the thought that spring and sunshine returning again. - Craig Berube-Gray

I am inspired by roadside Americana. In this day and age many communities seem to appear the same. The identical fast food joints, and big box retailers. My works come from an age of not long ago and are inspired by imagination of how each place had an individuality and character. This spirit lives today in my sculpture. -Craig Berube-Gray


"Slices of Heaven" by Craig Berube-Gray, at Riverdale Recreation Park, 4500 Haig Dr, Riverdale Park, MD 20737

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