“Totem” by Alan Binstock

Who's the artwork geared towards? What goals or ideas do you wish to articulate?
My sculpture is for all.  Some may be drawn to the aesthetics, some to the crafting of materials some to a perceived inner meaning. These three notions best describe my intentions.

How does the artwork reflect or influence your experience as a resident/neighbor of Riverdale Park and its larger arts community?
I smile and enjoy the moment and place that public artwork manifests, especially in the expanded community of our arts district. For that smile, that moment, I find hope for and well being.

"Totem" by Alan Binstock, beside the Rhode Island Trolley Trail, 6100 block of Rhode Island Avenue, Riverdale Park, MD 20737

 I want my work to catalyze a sense of excited inquiry and quietude, and hopefully, a moment of self-reflection. -Alan Binstock