The Cultural Exchange: Fall 2015: “Even the Rain (También la Lluvia) on Nov 16

Join us for the Cultural Exchange’s last film screening of the year 


A pre-Thanksgiving film about the story of indigenous people now and in the past – exploring what was, what it could have been, and what it is now.

“Even the Rain”    (“También la Lluvia”) – 2011

-Spanish language with subtitles

103 min.

MON. NOV. 16, 2015 AT 7:00PM


A film within a film:  A filmmaker and producer go to Bolivia to make a revisionist film about Christopher Columbus’ conquest of the Americas.  As filming begins, citizens protest against a multi-national corporation that is taking control of their water supply. Inspired by the real-life Water Wars in Bolivia in the year 2000, “Even the Rain” explores the lasting effects of Spanish imperialism on indigenous people.

A discussion follows the screening.  Refreshments provided.