“Vasanzio IV” by Steven Buduo

“Vasanzio IV” ” by Steven Buduo, at Chambers Funeral Home, 5801 Cleveland Ave, Riverdale, MD 20737

Artist Statement

All of my sculptures begin as a curiosity into the physical world. For example, how does gravity change our perception of the space around us? Vasanzio IV consist of four steel beams that appear to be caught between a state if balance and instability. Two of the beam’s lands on the sculpture’s concrete platform, while a third hovers parallel to the ground and a forth clings to it for support. Their various sizes and changing widths play with the viewer’s sense of perspective and the work’s overall sense of balance. In that sense, it is a visual expression of hidden synchronicities – equilibrium versus instability, stillness versus movement, structures versus chaos. It is made in steel and finished with blackened patina that I’ve applied by hand. Though I work in different materials, I feel most comfortable working in steel because I am metalworker by trade.

Vasanzio IV is roughly 10 feet long, 5 ½ feet tall and 4 feet. It is made entirely in steel and patinated with blackened patina.