Deadline to Apply: August 17, 2022, 4:00pm

Contact: Stuart Eisenberg, Executive Director


The Hyattsville Community Development Corporation is accepting artist proposals for an iconic, permanent public artwork for the entrance to Stanley Martin’s new Gateway West Development. Installation is to be complete no later than December 1, 2022. The sculpture will located on the west side of Belcrest Road, located prominently across from the Gateway West community signage, in clear view of transiting vehicular traffic and pedestrians. Artwork can potentially be of an interactive nature to enhance the pedestrian experience.

Thematically compatible pre-existing work will be considered, but original work, derived to be thematically consistent with the Call is preferred, and site-sensitive or site-specific sculptures are encouraged. Submittal of a small concept sketch, rather than a fully rendered, detailed design is what is requested for consideration by our jury for this Call.

Eligibility: Individual artists or artist teams from the greater metropolitan area or within 250 miles are eligible to respond. Locally established or emerging sculptors, woodworkers, metal-workers, and artists of any durable media are most welcomed. Prince George’s County-based artists are strongly encouraged to submit their work for consideration.


The artwork’s thematic motif will highlight Stanley Martin’s new development, Gateway West, as an attractive, approachable, and desirable location for new residents to call home. The Call seeks works whose thematic emphasis is upon strength and endurance, as that is Stanley Martin’s credo in building communities and homes like Gateway West. The selected piece will be visually stunning, memorable, and thought-provoking, while being a work that residents and visitors of the community can enjoy and embrace.

Artwork should compliment the new development’s entrance, the surrounding public space, and the site’s architectural and landscaping designs; utilize natural materials in a distinctive manner; and may be iconographic, narrative, or stage-making. All types of media are welcome for submittal, including interactive, kinetic, multimedia, electronic and digital installations.

A design may evoke strength and endurance through embedded narrative focusing on the power of domestic life. We would also encourage incorporation of the acorn symbol as a design motif, thereby emphasizing one of Stanley Martin’s well-known design elements as frequently included in their new homes’ door hardware. A design may also evoke strength and endurance by incorporating or referencing Hyattsville community life.

Artwork must not pose risk of injury to the public; must be able to withstand a reasonable degree of physical contact without degradation; must withstand the rigors of an outdoor installation; be durable year-long; and must require little to no maintenance over time.

Designs for landscaped artwork or for interactive lighting should generally be contained within the aforementioned footprint.

A detailed package can be found here:

Visual Schematics and Photos


A $35,000.00 stipend will be provided to the chosen artist. The stipend is all inclusive of fees and costs. The selected artist is responsible for maintaining budget, keeping to production schedule, documentation of the installed work, transportation and installation, insurance, and any necessary technical engineering needed to install the sculpture.