The Hyattsville Community Development Corporation (CDC) with support from the Prince George’s County Executive’s Community Partnership Grant and in collaboration with the Prince George’s Department of Public Works and Transportation (DPWT), are pleased to announce the installation of artists’ designs on eleven county-operated traffic signal cabinets. Traffic signal cabinets, also known as “traffic boxes,” are the grey metal structures located at every signalized intersection that are often vulnerable to graffiti and vandalism.

Photo Collages


  Intersection Location Artist Featured
1 Sheriff Rd & Belle Haven Dr Landover Traylor A
2 Sheriff Rd & Village Green Dr Landover Puhl-Price
3 Sheriff Rd & William Paca Elementary Landover Satchell
4 Sheriff Rd & Harvey Dr Landover Traylor B
5 Iverson St & 23rd Pl Hillcrest Heights/Marlow Heights Satchell
6 Iverson St & 28th Ave Hillcrest Heights/Marlow Heights Traylor A
7 Marlboro Pike & Benning Rd Coral Hills/Suitland Puhl-Price
8 Marlboro Pike & Glacier Ave Coral Hills/Suitland Satchell
9 Marlboro Pike & Larchmont Ave Coral Hills/Suitland Traylor B
10 Adelphi Rd & Toledo Rd Hyattsville Matsuyama
11 Adelphi Rd & Belcrest Rd Hyattsville Traylor A

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Sheriff Rd & Belle Haven Dr, Landover - Joel Traylor

Sheriff Rd & Village Green Dr, Landover - Michelle Puhl-Price

Sheriff Rd & William Paca Elementary, Landover - Erick Satchell

Sheriff Rd & Harvey Dr, Landover - Joel Traylor

Iverson St & 23rd Pl, Hillcrest Heights/Marlow Heights - Erick Satchell

Iverson St & 28th Ave, Hillcrest Heights/Marlow Heights - Joel Traylor

Marlboro Pike & Benning Rd, Coral Hills/Suitland - Michelle Puhl-Price

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Marlboro Pike & Glacier Ave, Coral Hills/Suitland - Erick Satchell

Marlboro Pike & Larchmont Ave, Coral Hills/Suitland - Joel Traylor

Adelphi Rd & Toledo Rd, Hyattsville - Harper Carter Matsuyama

Adelphi Rd & Belcrest Rd, Hyattsville - Joel Traylor

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